Huayin Health Group Executives Visit

Professor Art Hiranyakas warmly welcome Huayin Health Group executives: Mr. Yang Liu, Mr. Huike Guo and Mrs. Huirong Qiu to Bangkok-Phuket Colorectal Disease Institute and Bangkok Phuket Health Research and Development Center, Phuket, Thailand and gave information and insights on the service, quality, innovation and technology that is provided at the excellence centers in Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Huayin Health Group is a health and medical company group which specializing in service of medical technology and development of high and new technology with its core advantage lays on clinical pathological services.

The visit is part of the project to build a series of professional and comprehensive medical laboratory center and critical illness diagnosis center which will cover multiple modernized high and new technical platforms in areas of high-throughput sequencing, biological information analysis, gene chips, fluorescent quantified PCR, FISH, biological immune cells, and remote medical.